Worldwide Logistics Associates, Inc.

Specializes in

Shipper Association Management

Worldwide Logistics Associates, Inc. specializes in shipper association management. We negotiate and facilitate shipping solutions for international shippers. A flexible and responsive supply chain is vital to sustaining a competitive advantage and profitable growth in a global economy. The shipping solutions facilitated by Worldwide Logistics not only improve our customers' total supply chain performance, it creates stability that delivers consistent value to our customers and stakeholders.

Our success lies in our reputation, experience, influence and results. We emphasize building relationships with our customers. These relationships are built on trust and collaboration ultimately leading to information that allows our customers to make better decisions.



We aggregate shipping volumes to leverage global freight contracts providing our customers optimized shipping advantages.


Annual customer reward dividends are paid based upon program participation levels.


Understanding and meeting customer needs is a top priority. Commitment to excellence and personal service makes us unmatched in the shipping industry.


Your Worldwide Logistics management team has +100 years of cumulative experience in association management. We hire the best and empower them to do great work.

The Associations We Manage

All associations managed by Worldwide Logistics Associates are not-for-profit associations. The not-for-profit status is a requirement by the Federal Maritime Commission. Any funds in excess of association operating expenses are reviewed by the association’s respective Board of Directors. Upon approval from the Board of Directors, individual refund checks are sent out to our customers. The more the individual customer participates in the association, the greater the customer reward. Not only are our customers saving on their supply chain costs, they are benefiting from an innovative revenue stream.

Toy Shippers Association is a leading logistics voice in the shipping industry. TOYSA has enjoyed its affiliation with The Toy Association since 1990. Membership in TOYSA is free and open to all beneficial cargo owners.

International Housewares Shippers Association (IHSA) was founded in 2004 by International Housewares Association (IHA). IHA’s support and leadership role has been instrumental in the success of IHSA. Membership in IHSA is free and open to all companies belonging to the International Housewares Association (IHA).

NCBFAA Shippers Association has been providing supply chain solutions since 1999. NCBFAASA is a proud partner of National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA), a leading voice in the industry for customs brokers and freight forwarders since 1897. Membership in NCBFAASA is open to all companies belonging to NCBFAA.


The shipping industry continues to evolve at a very fast pace. Some of the changes in the industry have proven to be very beneficial for our customers. There are also areas that have proven to be a challenge for our customers. As a way to cut costs, ocean carriers have been steadily eliminating sales and sales support positions. Only the very largest shippers have special support teams assigned to their accounts.

Because of our combined volume and relationships with our ocean carriers, we have these same special support teams assigned to our account. If one of our customers is experiencing an issue, we have direct access to the appropriate carrier support team for a fast resolution. We spend the time resolving the issue so our customers can focus on growing their business.


Playmates International Company Limited

Ms. Amy Ko | Director of Operations

“We would like to take this opportunity to recommend TOYSA as a great partner.

We’ve been a proud TOYSA member since 1992. Access to a great network of steamships lines that deliver high quality service adds value to our membership. We are never disappointed by the expectations we place on TOYSA to deliver competitive rates and services. Their prompt attention to our needs has resulted in a trusted partnership which ultimately allows us to better serve our customers.

For these reasons, I highly recommend TOYSA as a partner.”

TOMY International, Inc.

Scott Sampson | VP of Logistics & Distribution

"I have been working with TOYSA for over 20 years and they have been a perfect match for TOMY International, Inc. By having TOYSA negotiate our ocean freight rates, our operations group has more time to focus on managing our business. Operating in a global market is a major challenge as there is constant pressure on costs and margins. TOYSA provides my company with freight savings that goes directly to the bottom line. In addition to the freight savings, we have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from TOYSA’S annual refunds. Another benefit that is very important to me is the contracts with the ocean carriers are with TOYSA and they handle all the negotiations. The constant pressure from the carriers to increase rates is always handled to my satisfaction with TOYSA. I could not be more pleased with TOYSA. They are a major asset in our efforts to sustain a competitive advantage."

Storebound LLC

Evan Dash | CEO

"We have been using the Shipper’s Association for the past 2 years. Using the IHSA, we have been able to realize significant savings while continuing to use our appointed freight forwarder. In addition to the cost savings, we have been extremely pleased with the level of service we received as well as the clout the association is able to leverage with the carriers. Whenever we have hot shipments or if our factories fail to deliver on time, the IHSA steps in to ensure we meet our customer’s deadlines."

Certified International Corp.

Steve Santulli | Vice President

"IHSA has been a perfect fit for my business. By having IHSA negotiate our shipping rates, I have more time to focus on managing and growing my business."

Pinnacle International Freight

John Hamilton | VP Operations

Pinnacle International Freight have utilized the contract services of NCBFAASA for several years now and have found the rates to be very competitive within the ever changing marketplace. Another important aspect for our client base, is the speed in receiving rates from the NCBFAASA contracts. We have been very pleased with the quick response times on our rate requests, whether it standard containerized equipment or specialty out of gauge special projects. Overall, we have found the services of NCBFAASA to be a valuable tool in our everyday operations in moving our customers’ cargo.

M and L Trucking, Incorporated

John Sepela | International Operations Manager

We have been utilizing the Shipper’s Association FCL contracts for many years. The rates are competitive and the port pairs are extensive. The main attraction, however, is that having access to the rates allows us to return an accurate quote to our customer within minutes of having received their request. That – to me – is an invaluable benefit of membership in the NCBFAASA.